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The History of American Fudoshin Bujutsu

American Fudoshin Bujutsu was formed by the late great Soke D.P. Hutton PhD M.A. 10th Dan (1955-2018). Justin Kiehl (Crossover Martial Arts) was honored to know Soke Hutton as his friend, and instructor for 18 years. Soke Hutton served in the U.S. Marine Corp, police officer and corrections officer. His travels took him through Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and Hong Kong where he served his country while also learning martial arts from some truly great teachers. 


These are some things that Soke Hutton himself, had to say about the martial arts system he is credited with. "there are two schools of thought, the old and the new. The old school of thought lay upon the premise that whatever the Soke, Sensei, etc. said was law. The technique was executed their way with no compromise. The new school of thought states that only if its scientifically proven is it acceptable. As an instructor I lean towards the new school of thought. In theory self-defense is pragmatically a very simple concept. However, in reality the mechanics of how, where, when, & why are rarely so simplistic. To learn effective self-defense, one must do their homework and seek a true professional, one that can enable their students with the tools to triumph in desperately overwhelming situations. A true self-defense instructor’s main objective is to help their students learn the right techniques and give them the confidence (validity) behind those techniques so that when they need them, they will use them".

Mr. Kiehl is trying to honor his former teacher by upholding the traditions of American Fudoshin Bujutsu as best he can. The goal of this art NEVER WILL BE "form over function". If something is taught as "self-defense", then it had better do it's job! There are two main seperations in the world of martial arts...Hard Styles and Soft Styles. Hard styles of martial arts tend to teach "closed fist" techniques that meet force with force; one the other hand, soft styles tend to teach "open hand" techniques which focus more on redirecting the force of an attacker. One of the things that is SO GREAT about American Fudoshin Bujutsu is that it represents the very best of BOTH the hard style AND soft style of martial arts. Yes, you will learn katas, weapons and great sparring techniques; however, the most important thing you will learn is HOW TO DEFEND yourself and the ones you love. AMEN!

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