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I think it is time 
To Shake It Up!!

While the Kiehl Family doesn't currently homeschool, Mr. Justin "knows" all about it! He was homeschooled from K-12 and had his first "classroom experience" in college. When Justin was 12 years old he was wanting to participate in sports; however, no homeschool group met in his area! So, he and his parents decided to think outside the box. That was when he was enrolled at a Karate Dojo that also taught Christian values... The rest is history!


Crossover Martial Arts can be your PE class!

If your kids are bored with their routine and needing a new, fun, physical, spiritual and educational activity...You have come to the right place!

Ask about our family rate for three or more. 


Mr. Justin wants to give other homeschool students the same opportunity HE HAD! They will experience physical challenges, competition, greater flexibility and a wonderful relief of stress/anxiety!

All of this, capped off by an inspiring Bible devotions to close our each class. 

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