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Looking for a great Church to call "home"?

Click the link above to watch a recent service at Life!

Life Church is ALL ABOUT FAMILY! Their recent investments in youth and children's facilities shows their commitment to the family unit. Come check out their beautiful campus and experience their vibrant programs for the entire family!  Check out below for THREE REASONS TO VISIT LIFE: 


The Gospel Truth is Preached!

Pastor Mark Gray is a true expositor of the Word, and he "says it how it is". If you are longing for a Church experience were God's Word is preached with no political or social agendas, but simply as THE TRUTH...Then check out Life Church!

Word FELLOWSHIP composed of wooden dices. Black graduate hat and books in the background.

We spend time together!

At Life Church, we have a meal EVERY SUNDAY MORNING at 9:15, and EVERY WEDNESDAY at 5:15PM! At Life Church, we work together...No project is too big. At Life Church we have FUN TOGETHER...Regular Summer Pool Parties! Does it sound like a different Church? It is! Come find out why.


Dynamic Ministries! 

If you enjoy a modern praise and worship service, in full surrender to your Savior...That's what you find at Life Church. If you are looking for a Church with a loving nursery team, exciting kids church and growing youth ministry...Check us out :-)

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