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Beginners Only! Other then the instructor and a "helper", you will only find WHITE BELTS HERE!


Who is this class for?
Anyone who is just beginning in the Martial Arts ages 6 and up.

When are classes?
Tuesday and Thursday from 5-5:40pm

How long will I stay in this class?

New students, with no previous martial arts training, are required to attend the beginner class for three months.

Where do I go after 3 months?

After the three months, you will join either the Jr. Warrior (6-12yrs) or the Adult/Teen (13 and up) class. 

What will I learn?

You will learn:

  • The 5 basic stances

  • The 5 basic strikes

  • The 3 basic kicks

  • The 4 basic blocks

  • beginner self-defense

  • Kata #1

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