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 Why open a Martial Arts dojo in a Church?
3 Great Reasons Why!

Justin Kiehl

Youth Pastor at Life Church

Reason #1 

It just makes sense!! Justin is also employed as the Youth Pastor at Life Church. Bringing the joy of Martial Arts to the SAME COMMUNITY that his Church is located, AND providing that service to his Church Family as well, was a "no-brainer"!

Life Church

Great Business Partner!

Reason #2

In addition to Life Church being Justin's home Church, and his employer as Youth Pastor, they are the kindest, most loving and hospitable host that Crossover Martial Arts could have ever hoped to find! 

Nunchuck Pic.jpg

Crossover Martial Arts started AT A CHURCH!
Reason #3

Justin Launched "Crossover Martial Arts" as a community outreach ministry at Grace Community Church, in Montrose Colorado, nearly 13 years ago! The focus with Justin has ALWAYS been two-fold when it comes to his instruction of Martial Arts. He not only wants his students to learn this AMAZING ART, but he is also concerned with their spiritual walk in life. He knows that all the "skills" in the world don't mean ANYTHING without having a relationship with Christ.

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