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Golden Warriors!

Answers to common questions:

1. Are the workouts hard? Answer: Workouts are low impact with accomodations made for nearly all fitness levels.

2. Do I have to wear one of those silly uniforms? Answer: Absolutely not! Uniforms are completely optional for this class, and the focus will not be on rank and belt colors.

3. How long is the class? Answer: The class is 1hr and split up in the following way...10 min warmup, 35min of balance/strength/self-defense/ training, 15min Bible devotion time.

Reasons WHY senior citizens should join Crossover Martial Arts:

Increase your balance and flexibility!

These are two of the biggest benefits of martial arts training for EVERY age group; however, it is even MORE beneficial to seniors! Why? The majority of injuries, to those who are 60 and older, are due to FALLS... By increasing your BALANCE and FLEXIBILITY you can avoid the majority of fall related injuries by eliminating the fall entirely! 

Increase your strength!

Don't just "accept" that because you are getting older, you will be WEAK... This is MILARKEY! By increasing your physical strength, you increase your confidence. When we are more confident of our abilities, we simply LIVE LIFE MORE! Don't accept the line "You are just getting old". Let's get old AND STRONG, together!


Increase your focus and memory!

When we learn NEW things, we expand our brain power! Learning Karate focuses your thoughts, calms anxiety and increases your memory. As you increase oxygen flow through your body and in your brain, your thoughts become more clear and THAT carries over to all aspects of your life.  


Learn to defend yourself!

Often times senior citizens are the target of assaults and theft because these criminals believe that YOU are WEAK, VULNERABLE and an "EASY TARGET". 

I have some news for you... YOU don't have to accept this fate! Let us teach you EASY defense techniques YOU can use, even from a wheelchair, seat, park bench or walking the dog. Take back your dignity and let's show your strength!

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